Jan Verhoeven is more than just metal trading

The right address for metal trading, container placement and transport!

Purchase of metals and (NON) FERRO Metals

Trading and sales are referred to the official and actual (day) trading prices. Payment methods are fullfilled as required per customer. Payments can be done by bank or cash money.

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Container placement

For all kinds of project that involves gathering of iron and metals Jan Verhoeven offers free of charge container placement. Various container types are possible to order as well as the volume ammounts.

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(Inter)national Transport

For Jan Verhoeven recycle product trading is very important, and therefore also transportation. After preperation all recylceable products arre offerded for the recycling process. Jan Verhoeven has all official permits for gathering and transporting (old) iron and metals in Holland, Belgium and Germany. See permit section of this website).

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